Wednesday, August 08, 2018

NYSC Bans Unauthorized Journeys By Corps Members

NYSC Bans Unauthorized Journeys By Corps Members

The Director-General of the National Youth Service Corps, (NYSC), Brig-Gen. Zakari Kazaure has said that it is now an offence for any serving corp member to travel out of camp or places of primary assignment without obtaining permission.

Kazaure stated this at the Ekiti State Permanent Orientation Camp, situated in Ise/Emure, in Ise/Orun local government area of Ekiti state during a shuttle visit to educate corp members on dangerrs inherent from playing with their health and security.

According to him, the standing rule of the agency was being repeatedly ignored in a manner that suggested that authorities had abdicated their roles of looking after the wellbeing as well as the welfare of the corp members.

He said, " You all have to avoid night journeys and other unnecessary journeys for that matter. Remember that before you embark on any journey, the need arises that you first inform your immediate supervisors and obtain necessary permits

" A graduate is expected by the society to be above board. I therefore want you to please join hands with me to ensure that the tragic incident in Taraba is the very last of such", he said.

Kazaure who arrived the Ekiti state camp at about 4:45pm on Tuesday expresssed deep regrets over the tragic death of nine corp members in Taraba state during the weekend, describing it as huge loss to him personally, and the nation in general.

The DG who himself claimed to have undergone the NYSC mandatory programme, over 30-years ago, with graduates as children said the sad incident was highly regetted, even as he called for a minute silence to honour those who lost their lives.

According to him, there was also the need for them to respect the culture and tradition of their host communities.

He advised a section of Nigerians accusing the NYSC of negligence to know that the standing rules banning the youth corp members from unauthorised journeys are more implementable when they are on orientation camp, than when serving in places of primary assignment where they are treated as independent adults.

Gen. Kazaure said any corp member in the country was free to call his personal number o

He warned them, particularly the female ones to avoid dressing irresponsibly and also keep away from sharp practices such as engaging in intrrnet fraud among others.

Earlier the new State Director of NYSC, Mrs. Aniefiok Okpongete had told the DG that a total of 1,809 corps members were currently registered in the state.

She said out of the figure, 1,109 are males while the rest are females.

However, she said a total of 187, among them, 149 females and 38 males had been advised to leave camp on account of being either pregnant, nursing mothers or facing critical health challenges.a

Friday, August 03, 2018

Music: Mimido - Folklaw [Download]

Music: Mimido - Folklaw [Download]

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He is another fine product of  MTN project fame. Remember, ‘Taiwo Rolling Naira’ of season 6? Yes! he is the new folklore voice you hear singing Aaye on radio and in Lagos BRT buses, he only adopted the name Mimido as his stage name. He recently won the Lets Go Naija Challenge organised by A.R.M Pension, which is a blessing and an encouragement for his fine craft. Although his vocal ability has been revealed and appreciated on the project fame stage, he didn’t get a chance to show much of his ability to compose until now. His song, Folklaw, still has a strong impression on me. Its the kind of song that you’d associate with Asa. I found something consistent about his  music, its the strong themes of his songs. His songs have deeper melodies that amplify the stories he tells with each. It is exciting to think about Mimido’s  kind of music and its impact on the Nigerian music industry. He is one of the artistes expected to hit the industry with a new wave of ‘good music’.
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Special Educational Needs (SEN) School Outreach 2018

Are you a teacher, caregiver, parent and you have children with Special Needs in your care?

Do you teach in a school and you do not understand how to reach that child with Special Needs?

Do you go through your child’s school work and you are not happy about the fact that your child’s teachers are not able to academically meet the needs of your child?

You are aware your child is quite smart but needs to be reached but it seems no one in his/her school could understand how??

Then this is for you!!

Know the child;Know your child presents its First SEN School Outreach and it has come to stay!!

Registration is compulsory but Admission is free.

Uzoma Uwa Uduma has over 11years experience in teaching; she is an accredited Jolly phonics trainer and has taught children with special needs over the years. She is also the founder of Zeduma Developmental Services.

AdeLola Edema is an Autism Specialist and founder of Autism Gist with Adelola. She teaches children with Special Needs in Mainstream school. She is the convener of the annual Special Needs Conference.

Oluyemi Onayinka is a trained Special Needs teacher with over 20years of experience. She is committed to professional development as she sees this as an avenue to learn more in order to give more. 

Okuyelu Oluwadamilola is an Educational Counselor with over 12years of experience. She has worked with students with special needs and Behavioral challenges in mainstream schools in most of her years of service. She has seen her students develop, learn and make positive progress all through the years. 

Damilola Banwo Oyalaja -Occupational Therapist/Special Educational Needs Educator

Monday, June 11, 2018

Does God Tell Us Who to Marry?

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Many people have been decieved into terrible marriages or prevented from marrying a good spouse in the name of "My Pastor said" or "GOD said".

I believe there is so much hypocrisy surrounding this matter. Lets face come people don't seek GOD's face or ask a pastor for confirmation if the prospective spouse is an extreme opposite of what they desire..?

How many educated ladies will bother to ask GOD or pastor to confirm if a known armed robber is the one should such woos for marriage?
How many Guys will go to GOD to confirm for them if a popular LovePeddler is the one? But often times we tend to fool ourselves going to a pastor or going to bother GOD to tell us if a seemingly desirous prospective partner comes our way and i tend to wonder.

In the entire scriptures, there were only two instances where GOD expressly gave a clear direction concerning choosing a spouse and in those two instances, it was a very difficult choice and that was when God commanded the prophet Hosea, "Go, take to yourself a wife of whoredom and have children of whoredom.Hosea 1:2. And the second instance was when GOD sked Joseph to marry Mary who was already pregnant.

GOD respects our freedom of choice and for the Christians, we are encouraged to be yoked with fellow Believers and as far as GOD is concerned, A man has the sole responsibility to find a wife and once he finds one and marries her, he obtains favour from GOD. Proverbs 18:22.

The summary of this piece is that we should stop deceiving ourselves by saying 'Prophet said, My pastor said, Alfa said...' because in the real sense, it is our mind telling us what we want to hear. You can rely on your intuition or peculiar signs that gives you confirmation but we should stop hiding behind those words 'GOD SAID'

As a man,it is your paramount duty to search so pray to GOD for guidance and as a lady, pray to GOD that the type of man you desire finds you.

Just as we can see from the scriptures,if GOD ever tells you to marry a certain person then it is most certain that the choice of spouse will be very difficult for you to accept and this is the way you will know that indeed, it is GOD's choice for you

I hope this makes sense.