Wednesday, April 30, 2014

AMAKA IGWE passes on @51

Dependable industry sources have confirmed to that veteran Nigerian filmmaker, Amaka Igwe is dead. The respected woman was pronounced dead in the early hours of Tuesday, April 29, 2014.

From information gathered by us, Amaka Igwe breathed her last after battling with Asthma attack.

She produced the popular comedy series, ‘Fuji House of Commotion’ and ‘Checkmate’.

Amaka Igwe is survived by her husband, Charles Igwe and children.

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ASUU-LASU Gives Another 7-day Ultimatum

Chairman of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Lagos State University (LASU) chapter, Dr Adekunle Idris has said that labour laws would be adhered to in fighting for their demands, saying that 7-day ultimatum will be added to the days given to the state government.

The union had issued an ultimatum, which lapsed today, to the government to meet its demands before the lecturers will embark on strike after April 30, 2014.

Speaking with LEADERSHIP in a telephone interview, the chairman reiterated that if after day days the state government fails to meet their demands, they would have no choice but to embark on strike.

The union had issued warnings over the last few months to the university authorities on the various demands of the union which border on the university’s fee hike and welfare of its members.

The vice chancellor Prof. John Obafunwa, however, appealed to ASUU-LASU not to go on strike, saying their impending strike at this moment will jeopardize the interest of the university. .

In a related development, Education Right Campaign (ERC) also support the union to embark on strike especially on the LASU hike in tuition fee among other request.

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Multiple accident cause terrible traffic on Lagos/Ibadan Expressway

Vehicular lockjam is currently being experienced on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway particularly at the Shagamu axis. This was caused by a multiple accident that occured today involving a commercial bus, petroleum tanker and a trailer.
Motorist are advised to use the Ofada road as it is the best alternative at the moment.

NYSC Batch A Member Kidnapped

NYSC Batch A Member Kidnapped

Her name is Adodo Ife with code number IM/14A/0462. She hails from Agbor, Delta state and the only child of the parents. The kidnappers have since contacted the parents and the SSS with the NPF are working tirelessly to trace the abductors and rescue the said corps member.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Lagos State Government Cancels Saturday’s Environmental Sanitation

Lagos State Government Cancels Saturday’s Environmental Sanitation

Lagos State Government Cancels Saturday’s Environmental Sanitation
Nigeria’s Lagos State government has cancelled Saturday’s environmental sanitation exercise, which normally restricts movement from 7a.m to 10 a.m
A statement from the Ministry of the Environment disclosed that the exercise was cancelled to allow students writing the National Common Entrance Examinations into FGCs today  move freely.
However, the statement advised adults who have nothing to do with NECO exams to stay at home and clean their premises

Friday, April 25, 2014

Popular Artiste Harrysong denies saying his parents were siblings

Harrysong a.k.a Mr. Songz has released a statement denying he never granted an interview where he revealed his parents were siblings. Harrysong said the interview, which was published on April 22nd, was fabricated. The statement from his publicist below...
"I have not granted any magazine an interview in the last 12 months where I spoke about my late parent so I find it worrisome, disheartening that a magazine would manufacture a story like such. It is disturbing,’ Harrysong vents.
Harrysong reiterates that he did not speak to YES! Magazine, neither as he spoken about his parents in the press in recent time. This would be the last and only statement Harrysong would be releasing.

Top 10 Complaints From Unhappy Husbands

The expert says: Whether you work in an office, run a household, or some combination of the two, you’re both likely frustrated with your heaping plates of responsibility. And although it’s a natural reaction, piling on more the second your partner steps through the door is not the best way to get him to hear or help you. “Instead of leading with a list, understand that he may need a few minutes to unwind,” says Kara Thompson, a licensed family and marriage therapist in Lenexa, KS. You’ll both listen better when you’ve decompressed and can actually focus on the issues at hand.

The expert says: Good news: If you both feel like you need more one-on-one time, you’re already on the same page, which means you’re well on your way. The next step is to stop keeping a mental score sheet of who made plans the last time and put it on both of you to jump at the opportunity to, say, see a band you like when they perform nearby or try a new restaurant with an innovative menu. In the end, it matters way less who dealt with the logistics than the fact that you bonded and enjoyed your time together.

The expert says: There’s no question that having an open dialogue about your children is important, but we understand that it can get tedious after a while. Once the kids go to bed or while they’re out at weekend activities, make an effort to chat about lighthearted topics, like the results of a Buzzfeed quiz you both took, as well as more serious news or political issues to keep you connected and stimulated as a couple.
The expert says: Relationships change and evolve, and sometimes the very qualities that attracted you to your husband are the ones that wind up making you nuts. It could be that you’re simply too stressed with the day-to-day to experience romance the same way—and that’s okay. The key is to come to a collective understanding of what sweet gestures now do it for you. A change of environment may do it—consider taking a break from the grind and going away for a long weekend.
The expert says: “Switches don’t just get turned off,” says Thompson. “There is usually something more going on in situations like this.” If you felt like you had to put on a mask to get your husband to marry you, you may want to examine what’s beneath the surface that made you feel that way. “When individual issues come up in therapy, I think it’s important for both partners to look at them together.”
The expert says: If you’re unhappy about how much your husband helps out around the house, make sure you understand where he’s coming from. What you see as slacking may be his thinking a hands-off approach is a sign of respect and trust. “Speak up and let him know when his help would be appreciated,” says Thompson. And on the flip side, if you have trouble letting go of doing every single thing, ask yourself what it would look like if you started to delegate. Would it really be so bad if the dishwasher was loaded differently, or would you end up with clean plates anyway?
The expert says: If one person’s faith is diverging from the other’s beliefs, make a joint effort to stay on the same page—or at least close chapters—as much as possible. “If you feel like his spiritual efforts aren’t good enough, you need to be honest with yourself and your husband,” says Thompson. Figure out what he can do to connect with you spiritually and otherwise, and consider enlisting the help of your religious leader, who’s likely dealt with issues like this before.
The expert says: Both you and your husband deserve equal say in your marriage, so it shouldn’t be up to one person to determine your intimate state as a couple. That’s partially because far more often than not, lack of sex is the symptom—not the problem. “When you get into a pattern for a really long time, it can be painful and difficult to change those habits,” says Thompson. If you’re dealing with a chasm this wide, it’s worth considering couples counseling.
The expert says: It’s human nature to occasionally get so wrapped up in your own issues that it’s difficult to see someone else's perspective. “When we protect ourselves, we feel like we are the only one who feel a certain way,” says Thompson. “But once you sit down together and start looking at yourselves and how you’ve been impacted, most partners realize they feel the exact same way.” Voice your feelings of isolation before the next crisis comes up so you have a plan in place for when things get tough, like agreeing to take a few hours for yourself, then sitting down for a cup of coffee and a heart-to-heart.
The expert says: Being passionate about and invested in your career is a good thing, but like much else, it’s a question of balance. You may not suddenly be able to give up working from home or checking in with your boss via email, but you can set some basic guidelines that distinguish between personal and professional time. That might mean agreeing to after-hours tasks only every other day, or turning off your email alerts after 9 p.m. so you and your husband can give each other your undivided attention.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

A two-storey building collapse at Oworonsoki, Lagos

A two-storey building under construction on Sea Beach lane at Oworonsoki, a suburb in Lagos state collapsed today April 24th leaving 4 children and 6 adults with various degrees of injury. Reports say the children were on the site to help with menial jobs when the building gave way.

The 10 victims were immediately rushed to the General Hospital Gbagada where they're all receiving treatment.

My Husband Is A Pastor But See What He Did To Me

 Bessem Okafor, the estranged wife of the pastor of Mountain of Liberation Miracles Ministires, Pastor Chris Okafor, has shown how her husband beat her up mercilessly at their home in the Magodo area of Lagos.

 Bessem who left her home in 2012, said she had, a few weeks ago, gone to visit her four children who were in the custody of their father, Pastor Chris, based on an agreement.

 Few hours after their children had left for school, Bessem received a phone call from Pastor Chris who had also left the house. He questioned why she was still in his house and ordered her to leave. But Bessem said she had promised her children that she would wait and see them after school before leaving.

 At this point, Pastor Chris sent a policeman who was part of his entourage to the house to send his wife out.
 The wife said, “The policeman told me to leave the house. At that time, I was wearing only my dress. I had washed my undies and spread them to dry since I didn’t come with extra.
The visit was said to have been arranged by a lawyer from Office of Public Defender in Lagos State Ministry of Justice, and her husband’s lawyer, Mr. Onyechukwu Ubani.

 While speaking with Punch, Bessem said: “I have not seen my children for nine months and our lawyers agreed that I could come see them at home after school hours by 5pm. I went to the house at the appointed time, but my children were not there.

 “I had to wait outside in the compound until 10pm before my husband arrived; the children were not with him. They were later brought home by the driver about 12am. By then it was clear I couldn’t leave again, I had to spend the night. The following morning, I bathed and dressed them for school. They pleaded with me to stay back until they returned and since I hardly spent time with them the day before, I agreed.”

 It was based on her promise to her children that she stayed in the house:
 “I told the policeman that I would leave after my children returned from school. Later, Chris came in and on seeing me, he started beating me and dragged me out of the house.”

She said some policemen came to arrest her, but she could not go with them because her clothes were torn.

 The following day after making a complaint of assault at the Isheri Police Division, she was hospitalised at the Solid Rock Hospital, in the Ojodu/Berger area. A copy of her medical report made available Punch said she was brought in for treatment after a brawl with her spouse.

 Pastor Chris, when contacted, did not respond to calls and a text message to his phone. A reporter visited his church at Ojodu on two occasions, but his aides said he was not available for comment.

 When Punch contacted Lagos Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Ngozi Braide, she did not respond to calls and text messages to her phone.

Anyway, Pastor Chris lawyer, Ubani, is defending him. Here is what he said:
 “Bessem has made all sorts of allegations against her husband, but what she has failed to tell you is that she left her marriage of her own volition. She ended her marriage with her infidelity. She would leave her house, come back at late hours and would not tell her husband where she has been.

 “The couple are already in court for divorce. This particular incident you are asking about, it was Bessem who tore her own clothes. Chris never laid a hand on her. Why did she not get a medical report from a government hospital?

 “If she was truly assaulted she would have gone to the station to make a report. Then they would give her a paper to take to a public hospital. That of the private hospital is not admissible in court. Chris never refused her access to her children; they were simply brought to the church because his mother and cousin were not at home. After bringing some policemen from Isheri to arrest Chris while he was at the pulpit, she still went ahead to Zone 2 to make another report.”

 The PPRO Zone 2, SP Lewi Suleimann, when contacted said, “We are still waiting to get the file transferred from the Isheri Police Station. I would not like to comment much before we get the file.”

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

'My Father and Mother were brother and sister' - Popular Artiste Harrysong reveals [The KoKo]

Singer Harrysong known now as Mr Songs, revealed recently that his father and mother are siblings.

In an interview with Yes! magazine, he said he's an only child because his parents split after finding out they were related by blood.
"My father and mother are actually brother and sister. They gave birth to me before they could realize that. It was a big abomination, so they had to separate. Even, they attempted to kill my father in that village but he fled, because in Warri where I come from , it is a taboo. They termed it incest.”

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Popular Nollywood Actor Chris Nkulor Dies [PHOTO]

Ailing Nollywood actor, Chris Nkulor who was diagnosed of a kidney related disease is dead. Chris died before the N3m he needed for a surgery at Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching hospital Ile-Ife was raised for him. May his soul rest in peace.

The "KOKO MASTER" visits Nyanya blast victims

D'banj visited Nyanya blast victims today April 22nd, where he reportedly donated several gift items to the victims and settled some hospital bills.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, the entertainer visited the victims at the Asokoro District Hospital, Abuja in company of the FCT Health Secretary, Dr Ademola Onakomaiya.

During his visit, D'banj said the government alone cannot do all that is required for peace to reign in the country.
"I am a Nigerian and I am affected by any tragedy that befalls us and particularly in the spirit of Easter, I came to show the victims support. I have seen that the survivors are responding positively to treatment and thanked the medical team here for the efforts.
"We are appealing to the perpetrators of these acts to have a rethink and support the peace initiative so that our people would not be subjected to such wickedness,” he said.

Armed Robbers Rain Havoc Openly on Eastern Monday In Lagos

Fears and tension reigned supreme in the atmosphere in the Mushin area of Lagos on Monday morning after a gang of about 60 robbers operated on eight streets and destroyed about 30 vehicles in the operation.

The hoodlums, who reportedly belonged to two deadly cult groups – Akala boys and Toheeb’s gang – visited terror on New Balogun, Euba, Ayonuga, Tiamiyu, Haruna, Ereko, Oyedele streets and Coker Lane.
“It was around 12am on Monday morning that we started hearing gunshots. It lasted for about an hour. Around 1am, they started going from house-to-house, robbing the occupants. They stole about seven laptops from the house opposite this mosque. They stole phones, money and everything they saw. 
"They came inside the mosque and took our phones and money. People were crying throughout the night. It was terrible.”
Sources say the robbers operated for about seven hours and rapéd some young ladies...

An eyewitness told Punch that the robbers were not in a haste. He said they robbed till 5am and came back at 6am to continue before leaving around 7am.

It was observed that a generator was also removed from its shed by the robbers. Cars parked on the streets in the affected areas were vandalised by the robbers, just as two Toyota Hilus van were burnt.

Kasali Daramola, a driver who spoke while fighting back tears, told Punch he owned one of the burnt cars.

He said, “This is the third time they will do this to me. What have I done to them? The first was a Lexus car my younger brother bought for me, which I was planning to sell to acquire a commercial bus to take care of my four kids and wife. I sold the scrap for N30,000. I used the money I raised to get a bus and I was paying for it by instalment. I have not finished the payment when they destroyed it.”

Daramola said the men entered his house and some of the ladies living there were rapéd. He said attempts to bring in the police were abortive as they kept saying they were on their way without showing up.

Another resident said: “For over five years now this area has not known peace. Will the police say they cannot do anything about it?”

Surprisingly, another resident, Tosin Gbolahan, said a policeman attached to Alakara Police Station was with the hoodlums on Monday morning.

Nigeria police, what is going on in Mushin area of Lagos is totally unacceptable. Please do the needful!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Nigerian Student Found Dead In Bangladeshi Lake

Tahir Manni Adam,  a 26year old Nigerian student  studying at the Islamic University of Technology, Gazipur, Bangladesh has been found dead inside the lake in the school.

According to reports from a local newspaper in Bangladeshi, Dhaka Tribune, Adam, a third year student of Computer Science had gone to the lake to have a bath but unfortunately drowned.

According to police reports, his body was recovered from the lake around 10.45pm on Saturday, April 19th and was declared dead on arrival at the Tongi Government Hospital. His body was later taken to Dhaka’s Samorita Hospital.

Registrar of the school, Ahsan Habib while confirming the incident said an inquiry has been ordered by the school on the incident and a case has been filed with a police station in Bangladesh.

KOKO: Secondary school staff quarters attacked by gunmen today, kill 5-year-old

Boko Haram men in the early hours of today April 20th attacked the Government Girls Secondary School (GGSS), Yana, killing a 5year old girl and setting some buildings in the staff quaters ablaze.

The Bauchi State Police spokesperson, DSP Haruna Mohammed while confirming the incident said the gunmen stole a private vehicle belonging to the Principal of the School and also destroyed a bank vault

“Unknown gunmen attacked the staff quarters of GGSS Yana, Shira Local Government Area of Bauchi State, around 2.30am on Sunday. They set the school bus ablaze; and in the process, a five-year-old girl was killed in the fire while they destroyed the vault of a bank,’’ he said

He said a combined team of security forces are on the trail of the attackers.

KOKO: Helen Ukpabio deported from the UK

'Apostle' Helen Ukpabio, the founder of Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries based in Calabar, has been deported from the UK by the British government after deeming her presence in the country a risk to youngsters. (Modupe Ariyo is the Executive Director of Africa Unite Against Child Abuse)

The 'witch hunter' who wrote in her book ‘Unveiling The Mysteries of Witchcraft’, that "If a child under the age of two screams in the night, cries and is always feverish with deteriorating health he or she is a servant of Satan", was deported last week after campaigners called on UK Home Secretary to deport and ban her from the UK for leading the spread of witch hunting in Nigeria, especially amongst children, some of whom have suffered torture and even killed. (Read that here)

Helen, who was in the UK on tour to promote her belief in witchcraft and offer help to those ‘under threat’ from the wizardry, was not only deported, there are also reports that she has been banned from entering the UK until further notice.

Helen Ukpabio could be banned from the UK over fears she is a risk to youngsters

The UK is considering banning the founder of Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries and movie producer, Evang. Helen Ukpabio, from the UK over fears she is a risk to young people in the country.
From UK Daily Mail
A Nigerian ‘witch-hunter’ who claims any child who cries is a ‘servant of Satan’ could be banned from the UK following calls to Home Secretary Theresa May that she is a risk to youngsters.
Campaigners are urging for Helen Ukpabio, known as ‘Lady Apostle’, to be deported and banned from returning to the UK on the grounds her preaches are harmful to the public.
The born-again Christian Pentecostal preacher, who founded the controversial African Evangelical franchise Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries in Nigeria, is thought to currently be in the UK.

It understood she flew into London where she has been holding a number of church services to promote her belief in witchcraft and offer help to those ‘under threat’ from the wizardry.

A poster advertising one of Ms Ukpabio’s most recent talks – which was cancelled after the venue was leaked online – claims to offer help to people who are under ‘witchcraft attack, ancestral spirit attack or mermaid spirit attack’ and claims to help ‘disconnect' them.

However, campaigners have warned her controversial views are dangerous to children – including the belief that ‘if a child under the age of two screams in the night, cries and is always feverish with deteriorating health, he or she is a servant of Satan’

The Witchcraft and Human Rights Information Network (WHRIN), the Bar Human Rights Committee of England and Wales and the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) have now written to the Home Secretary in an attempt to get Ms Ukpabio deported under the Immigration Act 1971 - on the grounds her presence here is not conducive to the public good.

In a letter to Ms May, the campaigners warn: ‘Whilst the Government has moved swiftly to block entry to the UK for Islamic preachers whose presence is considered as harmful to the public good, there have been no cases of Christian pastors facing such measures.’

The groups are hoping the pastor will be banned from returning to the UK once she has completed her final tour.

Gary Foxcroft, of the WHRIN said Ms Ukpabio was one of a number of preachers who regularly travelled to the UK.

He told the Independent: ‘The fundamental problem is that churches need to be regulated. Anyone can set up a church tomorrow in their own garden shed with no commitment to child protection or making their accounts transparent or any theological training.’
Bob Churchill, of the IHEU, also told the newspaper: ‘It is important that the UK authorities send a message to the world that branding children, or anyone, as a witch is beyond the pale.’