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[Must See] How True Is This Statement? (See Photo)

"As In, You Should Be Shot In The Head If You Are This Poor & You Have Such Signature."
What Do You Think About This Statement?

2face Idibia Still In Shock Over Father’s Death – Family

Innocent Ujah Idibia popularly known as Tuface Idibia who lost his father last week after 2-years battle with cancer is still traumatized over his father's death. A member of the family disclosed that the singer who was very close to his dad, Michael Agbo Idibia, is still in shock over his sudden demise.
The source said when the father was first diagnosed with cancer, the family ran up and down, spending millions just to save his life but he died anyway and Tuface Idibia has found it really hard to believe that his dad is gone. He is yet to come to terms with his father death, they simply say.
The family source said:"It all began two years ago when he came down with cancer. Ever since he has been in and out of hospital. The family spent millions looking for a cure but all was to no avail. He fought a brave battle but The Lord gives and the Lord takes, he finally passed away last week and now Tuface is traumatised; he is yet to come to terms with the fact that his dad is dead because they shared a very close relationship."
Tuface while speaking to close friends said:"We have done our best, now life continues. I am going to miss dad for a long time to come".

Help:- My Fiancee Has Changed Ever Since She Went To NYSC

Hi Guys.. Please I have a very serious problem.
My girl went to NYSC and changed totally. she's now a stranger from who i use to know. It started from wen she got to camp. wen ever I call her, she wont pick up and wont call back, flash or send call me sms as the case may be. When she finally picks she will say she was busy. she told me about a corper that works in ICT in her camp and that the guy wants to help her get posted to a good PPA.
She said they normally do the fixing with money but the guys said he will do that for her with his own money. I noticed that whenever I call, she's not happy. We quarrel about everything from where she is to what is happening there.
Today, she finally got posted to a nice place of PPA and I was happy for her. When I called her, her call was on call waiting Over 10 missed calls she didn't pick.
This was a girl that when ever I call even if her call is on call waiting she will ask the caller to call her back that she wants to answer my call but she didn't. When she finally picked she told me she was talking with the guy. I asked wen it started that the guys call is now more important than mine. She got angry and said i should stop calling her.
Am so mad right now don't know what to do.
Guys Advice me please. Drop your Comment.

Five Facts About You! (Must Read)

You will laugh – enjoy reading
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3. You are now looking to find out.
4. You are laughing because you realize there is no 'Yoo' and you've been tricked.
5. You are going to forward this to others who are like 'You'!
I know at least 13 things about you now:
1. You are holding your phone or carrying your laptop
2. You are on Naijakoko
3. You are reading this message.
4. You are human
6. You can't say the letter "P" without separating your lips
7. You just attempted to do it
8. You are laughing at yourself
9. You have smiles on your face
10. You skipped No.5
11. You just checked to see if there is a No.5
12. You are laughing at this because I caught you..
Lol. Just for laughs. Have a stress-free Sunday.

Polytechnic Student & Boyfriend Arrested After Father Reported Her For Selling Baby

A student of theFederal Polytechnic Nekede,Vivian Iwujiand her boyfriend,Obinna Ugochukwuhas been arrested by the police for selling their new born baby boy to oneEhegalara EdwinforN620,000after complaining of being broke.
Luck however ran out of them when the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit of the Imo State Police Command, Owerri got a hint and swung into action. They arrested the culprits and the baby was rescued.
Vivian's father, Mr Patrick Iwuji was the one that reported the case to the police after her daughter gave birth on the 2nd of August, 2014 and she couldn't give a proper explanation of the where about of the baby.
"She told us that she was going to the hospital to deliver and when we visited her, we asked her about the baby.
She told us that the baby was dead. I didn't believe her and there was no trace that my daughter's baby was dead. I had to report to the police.
Later the case was transferred to the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit for investigation.
It was there that my own daughter with her boyfriend confessed that they sold the baby boy in the sum of N620, 000 to one Ehegalara Edwin," he said.

SO SAD: Dog Meat Kills Five In Cross River

FIVE persons, a man and two of his children and two others were confirmed dead on Friday in the village of Uchenyim , Wanikade, North Ukelle in northern Cross River State after eating the meat of a dog.
Reports from the area said the dog was fond of eating the eggs laid by native chicken in the Odareko-Uchenyim village and one of the villagers allegedly laced the eggs laid by his chicken with gamalin 20 insecticide and as expected,
"the dog ate the eggs and fell ill and when it was about to die the owner quickly killed and prepared it into a delicacy which he, his family consumed and some neigbours consumed " Ugbem Onawo, a villager narrated toVanguard.
The man and his two children and the two others who died, according to the report also ate the intestines of the dog where incidentally the poison from the gamalin 20 is lodged leading to their taking ill and dying .
"After the man shared the intestines among his children and the two neighbours and they ate death came calling and they all died though at different times ". Our source said
Onawo said they were rushed to the local health centre for medical attention but were confirmed dead on arrival at the health centre. "A feeling of grieve has descended on the entire village and people are deeply saddened by what took place as such a tragedy has not befallen them before"
Hon Frank Ugbem, the councilor representing Wanikade Ward at the Yala Local Government Area legislature said the tragedy is painful and that he has sent a delegation to console the bereaved families.
He said all the dead have been buried in accordance within the tradition of the Ukelle people.

Oyakhilomes divorce splits Christ Embassy members

Looks like members of Chris Oyakhilome's Christ Embassy church are divided over his split from his wife Anita who filed for divorce a few months ago on the grounds of 'unreasonable behaviour' and 'adultery'. On a Facebook page called 'Where is Rev. Anita Oyakhilome,' some members are putting their pastors and church on blast...
Yesterday, one member wrote
"I am a Christ Embassy member. I hate one thing there: How can a pastor be working together with a lady hand in hand, attending meetings and lodging in a hotel for days. My girlfriend travels with our branch pastor annually for PPCF which holds in Lagos. Only God knows." Continue...
Another one wrote;
"Pastor Chris Oyakhilome must have been discovered compromising his marital bed business. It is what it is. God says judgement will start from His house. 'Touch not my anointed' is God's instruction regarding all His children, not an individual nicking, scheming, threatening monies off people's purses and telling them that salvation is tied to tithes and that seed sowing is only money donation to the church/pastor's coffers. One down, more to roll. Christ be praised."Another member of the page wrote
" I and my family left Christ Embassy for our own good after worshiping there for three years plus and seeing all the things going on under the disguise of church. And I can comfortably say that for over a year now, we have had so much peace in our Christian lives. I don't care how you view my comment but truth must be told."
Joseph Osagiede, however, responded saying the Oyakhilomes were still together. He said,
"I have been in Christ Embassy for 12 years. All is totally well with thier marriage. All those wishing them to split and also those going about saying nasty things about the church, be careful." Faith Ebunoluwa Adetayo also said, "I have been in Christ Embassy since 1990s and I can authoritatively say some things: I have seen the power of God work, demonstrated in healings and many other things. I have seen how that Pastor Chris is less concerned about mistakes we make. "He believes that these sins of the flesh will disappear, only if we listen to the word of God. Rather than condemning us, he speaks words of encouragement. And for your information, Pastor Anita is still very much in the ministry and she's with her darling husband."Meanwhile, the Christ Embassy has kept mum on the divorce case.
A woman, who picked Punch's call to the Nigerian office of the church on Saturday, said she had no information to give on the matter. When asked to confirm if the divorce suit was true or not, she simply said, "I have no information to give on the matter."
When another call was made to the church thorough another number, the respondent, who identified herself as Pastor Christabel, said the church had no information about the case. "No, we have no information on the matter," she said.
Source: Punch

NFF Crisis: Nigeria faces fresh FIFA sanctions

World soccer governing body, FIFA has urged Chris Giwa to stop parading himself as the Nigeria Football Federation president. A letter signed by FIFA secretary-general, Jerome Valcke gave Giwa and his backers up till midnight of Monday September 1 to vacate the NFF secretariat.
The letter addressed to NFF secretary-general Musa Amadu declared that FIFA will not recognize the election that brought Giwa and his executive committee to power. And if by Tuesday morning order was not restored to the NFF, Nigeria will face international sanctions.
"We understand from the sequence of events that the general assembly duly convened by the NFF Executive Committee could not start as planned because some NFF members, including the president, were being held by security forces for questioning.
"Finally, we have learnt that the persons who claim to have been duly elected during the so-called 'elective general assembly' have come to the NFF offices claiming to be the legitimate president and members of the NFF. It also appears the Ministry of Sports has recognised them.
"As a consequence, we will not recognise the outcome of the above mentioned elections and should there still be persons claiming to have been elected and occupying the NFF offices at midnight Monday 1 September 2014, we will bring the case to the appropriate Fifa body for sanctions, which may include suspension of the NFF."
Nigeria was suspended in July after Aminu Maigari was impeached by the executive committee. However, that suspension was lifted on July 18 after a road-map was agreed upon concerning the elections billed for August 26. However, two factions emerged after security forces prevented Maigari, Amadu and Chris Green from participating.
The faction of the group led by Ephraim Chukwuemeka proposed September 4 for its election.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Joan Rivers now on life support

Oh God, let this woman come out of this alive. According to TMZ, Joan Rivers is on life support and sources close to the legendary comedian say she is completely reliant on machines to stay alive.
"According to our sources, the family will have to decide in the next couple of days whether to keep the 81-year-old on life support. We're told the family remains hopeful that if they do decide to turn off the machines, she will make a turn for the better and fight through it." TMZ reports Just 12 hours before she was rushed to the hospital after she stopped breathing during a throat surgery on Thursday, the 81 year Fashion Police star had joked about dying. During her stand-up gig in Manhattan, Joan joked to her audience
"I'm 81 — I could go at any moment. I could fall over right here and you all could say, 'I was there!'. God help her!

Woman Gives Birth To Quintuplets In Nnewi

The industrial town of Nnewi in Nnewi North Local Government Area of Anambra State recently played host to an uncommon occurrence but a pleasant surprise.
An expectant mother, Mrs. Chiamaka Ezeudenyi, had started experiencing her labour pains and was rushed to the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, Nnewi, to be delivered of her baby.
Though the 32-year-old Mrs. Ezeudenyi who hails from Nnobi in Idemili South Local Government Area of the state had lost her previous pregnancy, her wish was to have this survive. In the end, she came out of the labour room with an unanticipated but pleasant package. She was delivered of quintuplets. Sadly, one died leaving her with four (two males and two females).
Interestingly, the woman was admitted to the hospital when the recent doctor's strike was on-going.
As the mother of four, Mrs. Ezeudenyi was caught between the mixed feelings of the gift of the four surviving out of the five quintuplets and the prospect of raising them. A business man and well known philanthropist, Chief Louis Carter Izuchukwu Onwugbenu's (Okpata Ozuo Ora Nnewi) visit to the hospital brought her the needed succour. Chief Onwugbenu popularly known and called Louis Carter was celebrating his 61st birthday with children and friends in his house when news of the uncommon birth filtered in.
He excused his friends and quickly left to visit the mother and the new twins at the hospital where he announced the award of automatic scholarship to them up to university level within and outside the country.
Chief Onwungbenu said he was moved by pity and compassion for the poor mother and the kids, moreso, their birth coincided with his 61st birthday. He also picked up the hospital bills. Louis Carter did n ot stop here.
He equally extended his benevolence to three patients earlier discharged from the hospital but held hostage by the hospital authorities for failure to pay the sum of about four hundred thousand naira being their total bills. Louis Carter also picked up their bills.
The beneficiaries are Uyanwa, Nkechinyere, Ikwuegbe Chizoba and Obi Uchenna.
Chief Onwugbenu said the gesture was to glorify and appreciate God's abundant blessings on him. In his words Ï was nothing when the hospital was commissioned in 1991. I have every reason to thank God for being exceptionally kind to me. August 15 is my birthday and I want to celebrate with these new set ogf twins who share the same date of birth with me. Since God has endowed me with the means, I have awarded scholarship to the twins and I did this as the spirit directs me to touch the lives of the under-privileged and the physically challenged''.
Chief Onwugbenu added "I celebrated my birthday with members of the Block Rosary Prayer group at St Louis Catholic church, Uruagu, Nnewi where I advised the children to remain fervent in prayers and worshipping God because I am a living example of what god can do to those who trust and keep faith in Him.
Louis Carter went down memory lane and recalled that what moulded his life was his contact with the early missionaries in Nnewi including Reverend Fathers Louis Kettle (his adopted name) Duncan, Baycon and an indigenous priest, Reverend Father Basil Onwuasomba.
He urged the children to be tenacious in their religious duties, work hard, be honest and most importantly, have the fear of God in their undertakings so that God will in turn reward them.
In his remarks, the deputy chairman, Medical Advisory Committee, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, Nnewi, Dr Joseph Ugboaja who represented the Chief Medical Director, Prof. Anthony Igwegbe said that Mrs Ezeudenyi was admitted to the Hospital when the Doctors strike was still raging. As a result, the few Medical hands and Nurses took it as a challenge until she was delivered of the quintuplets via caesarean section.
The beneficiaries were full of appreciation to Chief Louis Onwugbenu and prayed God to continue to bless him abundantly and give him longevity. The set of twins are in the intensive unit of the hospital. [Vanguard]

Baba Suwe Plans To Re-marry 5 years After He Lost His Wife

Famous Nigerian comedian Babatunde Omidina a.k.a Baba Suwe is one of the most successful comedians and actors in the Yoruba entertainment scene.
After his much publicised crisis with National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, he lost his wife, Omoladun, who was almost always his soul-mate, even in films in 2009. Baba Suwe talked about his late wife and revealed he will be getting married again soon.

Read excerpts below: -
How have you been coping without a wife?
It has not been easy but life must go on. I believe whatever happens has been pre-ordained. The death of Omoladun was a great loss I cannot get over in this lifetime. She will remain my best companion. She understood me than any other person on planet earth. At times when we quarrel in the house, she would abuse me on set and that would mark the end of the issue.
Any plan of remarrying?
Yes . In fact pretty soon.
Who is the lucky bride?
You can't know her for now. She is not an actress because I can't marry an actress again.
Are you insinuating Omoladun was not a good wife?
No, I don't mean anything of such. What I mean is that I cannot get someone like Omoladun among the actresses again. Her good acting skills is one of the reasons I loved her but I have decided to check else where for love.
After the death of Omoladun, your step daughter accused you of killing her mother?
That is mere rumour. She later came out to say she never said that. We were all staying in the same building. Omoladun was hypertensive for a long time and I did my best as a husband, a friend, and colleague to take adequate care of her. At a time she spent months at a hospital. The day the bad incident happened, I was about praying when I told my child to go wake Omoladun because we had an appointment. It was this child who ran out to call me and with the help of neighbors, we rushed her to the hospital. The doctor confirmed her death on arrival.
Has her death affected your career?
Not really. There are many people who can take her role but I miss her so much. After her death, I produced "Baba Jaiye" part two and it was a huge success.

Maheeda Models Ruggedman’s Soon To Be Launched Varsity Jacket

Naughty girl Maheeda models one of Ruggedman's soon to be launched 8Figures varsity jacket from his TSW (Twentieth Sept Wear) collection.

Check Out My New Favorite Animal. I Want Him As My Own Pet, And You Will Too.

Take a look at this guy! Talk about one of the cutest animals ever. This is Patrick the Wombat. He is officially the oldest living wombat on record. He just celebrated his birthday at 29 years old! Wombats are quadrupedal marsupials that are native to Australia. They use their front teeth to dig extensive burrow systems around south east Australia. One interesting fact about the wombat is that the females have a rear facing pouch to hold their young. The reason the pouch faces to the rear is so when the wombat is digging it doesn't cover its young in dirt. Take a look at this giant cuddly fella! I just want to squeeze him.
Patrick the Wombat is officially the oldest wombat in the world.
Happy 29th Birthday Patrick!
Just look at the smile on his face! Talk about a cuteness overload. I can just imagine this big fella walking around begging for a hug or some treats. I hope he had a delicious cake for his birthday.

"He Is An Adulterer" - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Wife Finally Files For Divorce In London

In an exclusive report published by The Cable News, the divorce proceedings has entered it's final phase.
The wife is seeking divorce on the grounds of "unreasonable behaviour" and "adultery". She outlined several allegations against the pastor which cannot publish for legal reasons.
The divorce case, with Suit No FD14D01650, was filed on April 9, 2014 at Divorce Section A, Central Family Court, First Avenue House, High Holborn, London, UK, on Anita's behalf by Attwaters Jameson Hill Solicitors, a full-service law firm with expertise in commercial law and a strong consumer focus in family, wills and estate, personal injury law and medical negligence.
Efforts to reconcile the popular couple, whose church is one of the biggest denominations in Nigeria and has branches all over world, have failed. They have two teenage daughters, Sharon and Charlyn."
Oyakhilome is the president of Believers' Love World Inc, the registered name of the Christian ministry, while his wife is the vice-president. The pastor, according to an elder of the church, has denied allegations of adultery and believes his wife is being influenced by "bad friends" who are intent on destroying their home. While Anita believes she has been relegated in the scheme of things in the church, her husband has reportedly accused her of trying to usurp power and authority above her seniors in the ministry.
Sources told TheCable that the pastor had been making efforts to avoid divorce in the hope that the wife would eventually have a change of mind. However, the decree nissi was served on the charismatic pastor in his hotel room during a recent visit to the UK. Decree nissi, in legal terms, is like a yellow card in a football match which is a precursor to a red card ("decree absolute") if no new evidence is provided to stall proceedings. Church insiders said Oyakhilome had been hoping for rapprochement, but he was left with no option than to receive the papers when the lawyers cornered him at his hotel in London.
The decree absolute, which will effectively end the marriage, is expected to be issued soon while terms of the divorce will be worked out by the lawyers on both sides.
Source: TheCable

EXPOSED: No-Nonsense Wife Catches Husband's Girlfriend, Beats And Strips Her [PHOTO]

Men of the Nigeria Police Force in Bayelsa State have arrested a house-wife and six others for assaulting and stripping a beautiful 23-year-old woman, in the Okaka area of the state capital, Yenagoa, for allegedly having an illicit affair with the woman's husband.
The husband, a driver attached to the Bayelsa State government house and a native of Akwa Ibom State, was said to have fled the scene of the incident after his wife and her friends caught him and his lover in the act. The wife was left with no choice than to beat the fine girl and strip her...
According to Leadership, the incident which occurred on Thursday night at a bar along the Okaka Road, attracted a huge crowd, as the aggrieved housewife and her friends descended heavily on the husband's lover and teach her some very bitter lessons.
An eye-witness told Ladership that the owner of the bar, who has been contracted by the housewife to spy on the duo alerted her and her friends at about 7.30pm, to the presence of her husband and his lover at the bar. The wife's friends joined her to humiliate the lady who they termed a "husband-snatcher".
"They were shameless; they could see that she was having her monthly flow, yet they took out their phones and began videoing her... while forcing her to dance," the source added.
The crowd at the scene enjoyed the whole drama, until the arrival of men of the police patrol team from the Ekeki Division, who took the wife and friends to the station for necessary action.

Official: Barcelona sign Brazilian defender

Naijakoko understands that FC Barcelona have completed the signing of Sao Paulo and Brazil right-back Douglas Pereira for an unconfirmed fee.
The 24-year old, who has never played for the National team agreed to a five-year lucrative deal with the Blaugrana outfit.
Excited about the prospect of playing for the Spanish giants, Pereira told Barcelona official website:
" This is the pinnacle for me- This is everything i could wish for. I want to learn because the game here is different to how we play in Brazil."

Boko Haram Takes Over Catholic Church In Adamawa Town

The Catholic Church has complained that Boko Haram insurgents have taken over the parish rectory of its church and other houses of Christians following last week's attack on Madagali in Adamawa State, Northeast Nigeria.
The church, in an electronic press statement by the Director, Catholic Social Communications in-charge of the Maiduguri Diocese, Rev. Fr. Gideon Obasogie, said though the members of the outlawed sect have not been known to draw a line of demarcation of whom to visit or not to visit with mayhem, adding that, "in recent times, it seems that Christians and Christian institutions have been at the receiving end of the attacks by the terrorists."
Obasogie said this in Madagali, which is a local government that borders Borno and Adamawa States, and the closest town to Gwoza with a large number of Catholics, and members of other Christian denominations.
The town also has a good number of Muslims, he said, stressing that "the whole town and the parish rectory have been occupied by the terrorists, so many structures and items have been vandalised. Dozens have been killed and a lot of church structures have been burnt down".
He lamented that "Christians in the town are really in a terrible situation; a moment of great persecution. Christian men are caught and beheaded, while Christian women are forced to become Muslims and are taken as wives to the terrorists.
"The houses of Christians that have fled are now occupied by the terrorists; their cars are used by the terrorists. Some Muslims around identify Christian homes to be occupied and the Christians hiding were also exposed and they were killed.
"Strict Sharia Laws have been promulgated, as observed by a woman who luckily escaped the dead zone".
He added: "The situation as it is has really and truly gone out of control. People are finding it really hard, citizens are being killed in their numbers."
He expressed hope that the federal government would be more proactive in handling the dwindling state of insecurity that has enveloped the entire North-east.
The clergyman said the Catholic Church was compelled to close down all the parishes on the major road linking Maiduguri and Adamawa States because of the acts of terrorism.

Fifa Rejects August 26 NFF Poll, Warns Nigeria Toy With Another

Fifa has again warned Nigeria to move in time to avoid successive suspensions in less than two months.
In a letter dated Friday, August 29 and signed by Fifa secretary general, Jerome Valcke, Fifa said it do not recognise the election of Tuesday, August 26, which ushered a Chris Giwa-led executive into the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) offices, despite receiving "the ministry of sports recognition".
The world football governing body warned the outcome of the aforementioned election be disregarded, adding the Giwa-led ExCo vacate the NFF elective positions before midnight on Monday, else face another Fifa hammer.
"We will not recognise the outcome of the abovementioned elections and should there still be persons claiming to have been elected and occupying the NFF offices at midnight on Monday 1 September 2014, we will bring the case to the appropriate Fifa body for sanctions, which may include the suspension of the NFF," read the letter addressed to the NFF secretary general Musa Amadu.
Giwa and his executives resumed office a day after the controversial election before paying a courtesy visit to the minister of sport Tammy Danagogo, who endorsed their election.
The immediate consequence of a Fifa ban on Nigeria would mean Nigeria will not be able to carry on with preparations for next month's 2015 Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) qualifiers and automatically forfeits the right to defend the title it won in 2013.
This has created much "uncertainty" in the Nigeria football clime, with league matches across the country suspended till further notice after, referees, club managers and players agreed to boycott until "sanity is restored".
In the letter, Fifa also accepted the decision of the majority congress, where 39 out of 44 members have resolved at an ad hoc general assembly for NFF ExCo elections to now take place on September 4.
Fifa previously suspended the NFFfollowing direct interference by government, after a court sitting in Jos sacked the duly elected NFF executive committee led by Aminu Maigari, while the sports minister subsequently appointed a civil servant to head the federation as sole administrator.
Nigerians To Enjoy Steady Power By Oct - FG

Nigerians To Enjoy Steady Power By Oct - FG

The Federal Government on thursday said plans have been put in place to ensure steady supply of electricity in the country by October 2014.
Minister of Power, Professor Chenedu Nebo who briefed State House Correspondents in Abuja said government has made efforts to ensure constant availability of gas at power stations to boast power generation.
Professor Nebo, who spoke after a meeting on power stakeholders at the presidential villa, Abuja, chaired by Vice President Namadi Sambo, added that the debt owed power generation companies would also be cleared.
He said "The generation companies have been complaining that they need to have all their bills paid. The good thing about this is that arrangements are being made to make sure that all the generation companies get their money as at when due.
"We are working on that. That is part of the meeting that was chaired by Mr Vice President.
"Next thing is how far we have come with the issue of even settling the gas question. The gas question has remained for quite a while. But very thankfully, the Honourable Minister of Petroleum Resources and I, the central bank governor and chairman of NERC met severally to address those issues.
"And that eventually ended in finding resources to take care of the indebtedness of the generation companies to the gas companies.
"So once we take care of the backlog, we insist that the gas companies will eventually produce more gas.''
He maintained that there are visible signs of government's efforts to ensure constant electricity supply across the country in the past one week following improved gas supply.
"The cheering news from all of these is that if you have noticed throughout the country in the past one week people have been getting much better power supply.
"The gas is now beginning to come back and it's something that gives all of us a lot of joy. And we know that it will continue to grow that way even until December because now some of the facilities, maintenance, repair works on the gas equipment and so on". He added.
"The gas producers have come to a place where almost all of these is being taken care of, and then the new gas we are expecting we have then trickling in right now.
"So that part of the shortfalls we've had in production up to this time, we hope that by the beginning of October, we will see a much better stabilisation of the entire power delivery system in the country.
Speaking on generation capacity, Nebo noted that power supply have hovered around 4,500 mega watts.
His words, "First, I would say we rejoice that for the first time in a long time we have been averaging over 4,500 MW when we include nearly 300 mw of spilling reserve which is always put there to make sure that the reliability and stability of the grid is ensured at all time.
"So, we are really moving forward; it may not be as rapidly as Nigerians expect but it is important to let everybody know that indeed we are advancing, we are making progress and we will continue to make progress".
Another MASSOB bloodshed imminent in Owerri toady

Another MASSOB bloodshed imminent in Owerri toady

The crisis rocking the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) has taken a new twist with the organization's director of information, Mr. Uchenna Madu warning members to steer clear of the meeting convened in Owerri today by its leader, Chief Ralph Uwazurike as there is most likely to be bloodshed during the meeting.
In a statement made available to reporters in Awka yesterday, Madu said it was improper for Uwazurike to convene such a meeting when the mayhem that led to the loss of several lives at Okwe, Uwazurike's home town, was yet to calm down.
He said: "Uwazuruike has just summoned a meeting of all MASSOB members at Owerri for Saturday, 30th August, 2014. We see this as another evil plan to sacrifice the blood of some members.
"Because of the face-off between Uwazurike and the Nigeria police, there was unwarranted death of some members from Onitsha at Okwe on the order of Chief Ralph Uwazurike recently.
"The death of our members from Onitsha has exposed the selfishness and insensitivity of MASSOB leader who uses the organization to enrich himself."
"MASSOB lost 18 members in Onitsha during the last sit at home exercise on June 08, 2013 which was a total flop, During MASSOB two months camping at Kilometer 7 Onitsha-Owerri Road, beside old spare parts market, Obosi on the order of Uwazuruike, MASSOB lost about eight members and these young Igbo youths have not been given proper burials, neither have their families been consoled. In fact, their names no longer exist in MASSOB register.
"Our members should be aware that security situation in Imo state is not healthy for MASSOB because of the ongoing crisis and death of our members at Okwe recently.
"This Owerri meeting is merely to create tension and bloody encounters which may result to sacrificing more innocent lives.
"Because of Uwazurike's actions, MASSOB members are no longer interested in Nigeria politics. Since he threw MASSOB into the open market of Nigeria politics, anybody, group or political party who needs MASSOB members' political support, campaign and vote should also involve MASSOB regional administrators, zonal leaders and national officials in their discussions and modalities for them to succeed."

Culled from vanguard

Friday, August 29, 2014

PDP To Sack Over 4000 Workers In Ekiti

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Ekiti state has made it known that its government would sack all the government workers that were employed after the June 21 governorship election by the outgoing administration of Governor Kayode Fayemi.
Premium Times reports that the governor-elect, who is a PDP candidate, Ayo Fayose will be resuming office in October, after defeating Mr. Fayemi of the All Progressives Congress.
The Ekiti PDP has however in a statement made its decision known, through the party's spokesperson in the state, Kola Oluwawole, saying the outgoing administration acted callously and primitively by putting landmines on the way of its successor.
Kola who revealed that the party is aware of the number of the workforce in Ekiti State before the governorship poll and vowed to resist the new recruitments made recently by the APC government.
The spokesperson said: "We know what the staff strength in the core civil service, the teaching service, the local government, the House of Assembly, the Broadcasting Service of Ekiti State and others was before the June 21 governorship election in which our party thoroughly trounced Fayemi and his APC," the PDP said.
"We also know how the Fayemi administration has illegally recruited over 3,000 into the civil service, 1,000 into Ekiti State University, over 100 into BSES, and over 1,500 into the teaching service among others after they lost the election and how they are clever by half by backdating the letters of appointment.
"The question the good people of Ekiti State should ask Fayemi and his party is – why are they just waking up to engage in massive recruitment in the twilight of their tenure in office.
Those given such letters of appointment should consider themselves to be on temporary appointment as having a victory that is short-lived."
However, the Chief Secretary to the governor, Olayinka Oyebode, has debunked the rumour, saying the outgoing administration did not undertake any fresh recruitment as claimed by the PDP.
He also said the employment process had been completed since February following due process and that those employed assumed duties long before the election.
"We don't know how they came about that. They have been going about saying a lot of things.
They do not understand the concept of governance,"Olayinka said.

3 hotel staff in Lagos arrested for recording customer’s sex act and blackmailing him with it

Three hotel attendants namely, Sunday Okon, 23; Rita Emmanuiel, 28; and Goodness Akpan 24; all staff of an undisclosed hotel in the Ogudu area of Lagos were yesterday August 28th arraigned before an Ogudu Chief Magistrate Court in Lagos for allegedly filming a hotel customer's sex act on August 13th and using it to blackmail him.
According to the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, the three accused persons used the hotel's CCTV to record an unidentified man's sex act with his girlfriend. They produced a DVD on it and used it to demand a N10million ransom from the man. They also posted the video on Facebook on Aug 13th and 23rd after the man refused to pay up. Continue...
The suspects pleaded not guilty to the charges and were granted N100,000 bail each with two sureties of like sum. They were moved to the Kirikiri prison pending the time they meet their bail conditions while the case was adjourned tillSeptember 19th.

Senegal records first case of Ebola

Senegal has recorded its first case of the deadly Ebola virus disease. The Senegalese Health Minister, Awa Marie Coll Seck told newsmen today August 29th that the first case was a Guinean national who arrived Senegal recently. The deadly virus first broke out in Guinea in March this year

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Cristiano Ronaldo Wins Best Player In Europe Award

Cristiano Ronaldohas won UEFA's award as the best player in Europe last season after scoring a record 17 goals in the Champions League.
The Real Madrid and Portgual forward beat Bayern Munich pair Manuel Neuer of Germany and the Netherlands'Arjen Robben.
The voting was by journalists from UEFA's 54 member countries at the Champions League groups draw event.
Ronaldo also ensured Portugal qualified for the World Cup by scoring a memorable hat trick in a playoff win against Sweden.
Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta and Franck Ribery previously won the award first presented in 2011.
UEFA created the prize after the original European Footballer of the Year honor, known as the Ballon d'Or, merged with FIFA's world player award. Nadine Kessler of Germany won the women's award.

Strange But True: Checkout Terrifying Photo 15Yr-Old ‘Giraffe Boy’

The 15-year-old has been nicknamed giraffe boy because of his extra-long neck…
A Chinese boy has been living with intense pain due to having 10 vertebrae in his neck instead of 7.
15-year-old Fu from Beijing has been called"Giraffe Boy" because of his long neck.
Wengui,who lives in Beijing, can barely walk well due to the extra pressure on his neck.
'These vertebrae press on the nerves in his neck and make it difficult for him to walk,' 'He always causes a stir whenever he goes out.'
The teen has been diagnosed with congenital scoliosis and abnormal chest frame and is now set to have corrective surgery to fix the problem.
He said: 'I just hope I can have a normal neck.

African & Cameroonian Football Legend Samuel Eto’o Quits international Football

Cameroon's 54-goalall-time leading scorer Samuel Eto'o has announced his retirement from international football.
It means the 33-year-old, who joined Everton on Tuesday, will miss the2015 Africa Cup of Nations in January in Morocco – should Cameroon qualify.
The decision comes after he was dropped fromVolker Finke'slatest squad and lost the captaincy toStephane Mbia.
"I wish to inform you that I hereby put a definitive end to my international career," he said on his Instagram page.
"On this occasion, I wish to thank all Africans in particular and all my fans around the world for their love and unconditional support."

Two Tankers Explode In Apapa,Lagos

Yesterday, two diesel-laden tankers which were parked within the premises of a primary school at the ever-busy Marine Beach area of Apapa, Lagos, exploded and went up in flames.
Confirming the incident, the South-west spokesman, National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Mr. Ibrahim Farinloye, said no life was lost, according to report from ThisDay He said:
"A fuel tanker just fully loaded with AGO (diesel) at Total depot went up in flames at Marine Beach, Apapa.
"The tanker which loaded from Total depot and was parked within the premises of Saint Theresa Primary School, was about to set out when it suddenly got engulfed in fire, causing another tanker parked nearby to catch fire.
"Operatives from the federal and state fire service were able to bring the situation under total control.
No injury or casualties were recorded, neither was there any damage to public or private property."

Fire razes church, shops as tanker explodes in Lagos

Fire razed several shops and part of a church building after a tanker containing Premium Motor Spirit, PMS, exploded yesterday, at Total depot Dockyard, Apapa Road, area of Lagos.
The incident was said to have started at 5:00am and raged till 10:00am before a team of fire fighters from Oando,Total and fire service arrived at the scene to put it off.
An eyewitness who preferred anonymity said, "the incident began at about 5am, when illegal oil-bunkers were transferring PMS from kegs to the tanker. While transferring fuel from kegs to the tanker, one of the kegs was said to have fallen and caught fire which engulfed the tanker. Fortunately, the other tanker close by was empty it would have been more serious. Immediately the fire started, the culprits all ran away.
The eyewitness added that residents of the area had made several complaints to the police on the activities of these illegal bunkerers but nothing was done until the incident happened.
An official of Total depot who refused to disclose his identity said, "Well we have tried our best to put off the fire so it will not affect other property and total dockyard which of course would have caused a greater damage.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Madonna University Post-UTME Application 2014/2015 is on

Madonna University Post-UTME Application 2014/2015 is on

Applications are hereby invited from suitably qualified candidates for admission into the various degree programmes of Madonna University, Elele main Campus, Okija Campus and Akpugo Campus, for 2014/2015 Academic session.
Faculty of Education and Arts
Business Education
Computer Science Education
Faculty of Management and Social Sciences
Banking and Finance
Business Administration
Mass Communication
Political Science
Library and Information Science
Public Administration
Faculty of Science
Computer Science
Industrial Chemistry
College of Medicine
Medicine and Surgery
1. Anatomy
2. Physiology
Other Professional degree Programmes
Medical Laboratory Science
Public Health
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Engineering and Technology
Food Science and Technology
Petroleum Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Entry Requirements:
As obtainable in all Nigerian Universities offering pre-degree and degree programmes. Jamb score is not necessary for pre-degree candidates.
Method of application: Application forms and interview fee for Pre-degree and Degree candidates are available at the cost of #6,000.00 payable at any branch of the Mayfresh Savings and Loans Ltd.
Application forms together with details on admission are obtainable from any of the following centres:-
i. The Registrar (Admission)
Madonna University Elele main campus,
P.M.B 48
ii. The Registrar (Admission)
Madonna University, Okija campus
P.M.B, 407, Ihiala L.G.A
Anambra State.
iii. Mayfresh Savings and Loans Ltd
Madonna University Akpugo Campus, Enugu.
iv. The Information Office,
Pilgrimage Centre,
Box 48, Elele
Rivers State
All completed application forms must be sent to the office of the Registrar, Madonna University in any of the campuses.
Note: Degree Candidates who choose other Universities through JAMB and wish to be admitted into Madonna University may apply in any of the campuses.
Completed screening forms should be submitted in the admission office together with photocopies of the following documents:
JAMB Result slip, SSCE Result, Birth Certificate, Passport Photograph (endorsed behind), Secondary school Testimonial, Receipt for payment of 6,000.
General Post UTME Interview Date: Saturday 30th August, 2014.
All candidates seeking admission into Nigerian Universities for the 2014/2015 academic session are hereby invited to the Post UTME screening examination of Madonna University to be conducted as follows:
Date: Saturday, August 30, 2014
Time: 9:00 am
Venues:(i) The three campuses of the University:
Elele -Rivers State
Okija -Anambra State
Akpugo -Enugu State
(ii) Benin: Notre Dame Group of Schools 90 Benin- Agbor Road Ikpoba Hill, Benin City.
(iii) Lagos: St. Dominic's Parish Yaba, Lagos.
(iv) Abakaliki: St. Patrick's Catholic Church kpirikpiri, Abakaliki.
(v) Markurdi: St. Theresa's Parish High level Makurdi.
(vi) Gboko: St. James Minor Seminary Dandew Gboko.
(vii) Abuja: Prestigeous Madonna International Arts & Science Secondary School Kuje, Abuja.
(viii) Abuja: Caritas Secondary School Area 3 Abuja.
(ix) Nsukka: Nsukka High School Nsukka.
(x) Enugu: C.I.C. Enugu.
Fed Poly Ilaro Post-Utme Result 2014/2015 Released

Fed Poly Ilaro Post-Utme Result 2014/2015 Released

This is to inform candidates who participated in the 2014/2015 post-UTME screening of the Federal Polytechnic Ilaro that the result has been released.
Candidates can access their result by clicking on the link below:

Enter your Application Number
Enter your Confirmation code(PIN)
Click on "Submit"


If you have no result, it means you did not fill your application number correctly.
UNN Application for Advertised Courses for 2014/2015 Undergraduate Admissions

UNN Application for Advertised Courses for 2014/2015 Undergraduate Admissions

University of Nigeria Nsukka is inviting interested candidates who have not been offered admission as listed in the 2014/2015 Merit admission list of the University of Nigeria Nsukka but had a UTME score of 180 or above and UNN P-UTME score of 180 or above to apply for the advertised courses below:
Department of Agric. Economics 13
Department of Agric Extension 15
Department of Animal Science 26
Department of Crop Science 27
Department of Food Science & Tech. 6
Department of Home Science And Nutrition 4
Department of Soil Science 24
Department of Archeology 2
Department of French 3
Department of French/German 2
Department of German 2
Department of Linguistics and Nigerian languages 3
Department of Biochemistry 7
Department of Plant Science and Biotechnology 35
Department of Combined Biological Sciences 34
Department of Micro Biology 8
Department of Zoology and Environmental Biology 42
Department of Banking and Finance 8
Department of Business Management 5
Department of Marketing 23
Department of Adult Education 12
Department of VTE (Agriculture) 3
Department of VTE (Business) 4
Department of VTE (Computer) 6
Department of Education Arts 8
Department of Education Science 8
Department of Education Social Science 12
Department of VTE (Home Economics) 10
Department of VTE (Industrial Technical) 8
Department of Physical and Health Education 6
Department of Agriculture and Bio-resources 27
Department of Electronic Engineering 19
Department of Mechanical Engineering 5
Department of Estate Management 29
Department of survey and Geo-informatics 4
Department of Urban and Regional Planning 29
Combined Physical Sciences 114
Department of Computer/Statistics 66
Department of Geology 9
Department of Mathematics 26
Department of Physics/Astronomy 45
Department of Pure/Industrial Chemistry 10
Department of Statistics 42
Combined Social Science 105
Department of Religion 3
Department of Social Work 7
Candidates are required to pay a processing fee of N10,000.00 in favour of University of Nigeria, Nsukka at any branch of Zenith Bank PLC, United Bank for Africa (UBA) and University of Nigeria Micro Finance Bank Limited (Enugu and Nsukka Campuses).
Candidates should visit the University Web Portal:, supply the bank teller number and complete the require application form on-line.
Note: Candidates must possess the University Minimum/Departmental Entry Requirement for the courses applied for and must have taken the correct UTME subjects in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination and PUTME for 2014.
Candidates admitted to a particular course through this Advert would not be permitted to register in any
other course during the 2014/2015 academic year.
(Signed)A.I. Okonta, FCAI, FIIA

SHOCKING:- 36-Year-Old Skeleton Removed From Woman’s Belly

The unborn child died inside the woman but was never removed
Doctors in India were shocked when they discovered the 36-year-old skeleton of a baby inside a woman.
Kantabai Thakre was 24 years old when she got pregnant in 1978 but it was an ectopic pregnancy.
Doctors asked her to have the baby removed through surgery but she fled out of fear and opted for treatment at a small clinic near her village.
After a few months, the pain subsided and she thought all was well.
However, last week, 36 years after the event, she started having pains again and so she visited the NKP Salve Institute of Medical Services.
Doctors found a lump on her abdomen and at first feared cancer but a scan showed that it was in fact a baby's skeleton.
The skeleton has been removed and this is believed to be the longest ectopic pregnancy ever recorded

Police declares man wanted - read the press statement

Hassan Jimoh Mustapha (pictured above) is wanted by the Nigeria Police Force. The Office of the Commissioner of Police, Police Special Fraud Unit, Department of Criminal Investigation Department (Force CID) Area 10, Garki, Abuja released the statement below...
The above named Person is hereby declared wanted by the Nigeria Police Force. A warrant of arrest has been duly obtained from a Magistrate Court in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja against his person.He is wanted for the offence of Criminal Breach of Trust, Theft by Servant, Fraud and Joint Act committed around May, 2014 at Abuja.The suspect being an employee of Paramount Wood Works in Abuja committed the offence through false representation and deceit. He absconded with the sum of Five Million, Nine Hundred and Sixty-Seven Thousand (N5,967,000.00) along with one Honda Civic car Model 2008 with Registration number BS 528 BWR belonging to the company.
His Last Known Address: No. 1, Hassan Mustapha Street, Oke-Yidi, Abeokuta Ogun State.
He is Yoruba by tribe, aged 42yrs. His features include: Nose: Broad; Mouth: Large; Teeth: Good; Height: 1.65m; Lips: Thick; Eye: Brown; Build: Heavy; Face: Round; Complexion: Dark; Chin: Round; Hair: Bald; Head: Large; Forehead: High; Marks and Visible Signs: Tribal Marks on Both side of the face; Habit and Mannerisms: Traveling, Places Frequented: Lagos, Calabar, Abeokuta, Port Harcourt and Abuja.
If seen, please report to the nearest Police Station or call 07030519256
A handsome reward awaits any person(s) with information that leads to his arrest.

Air France, British Airways suspend flights to Sierra Leone, Liberia

Air France has temporarily suspended all its flights to Sierra Leone due to the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa. In a statement released by management of Air France today August 27th, the French government recommended the national carrier to suspend all its flight to Sierra Leone.
"Given the way the epidemic has evolved and the condition of the health systems.....the public authorities recommend to Air France that it temporarily suspend its services to Freetown" the statement read in part
Meanwhile British Airways has also suspended all its flights to Liberia and Sierra Leone till 2015.
British Airways had earlier suspended its flights to the countries till September 2014 but reviewed the situation and decided to extend its flights suspension to 2015.
Liberia has been worst hit since the Ebola outbreak in West Africa with 624 deaths recorded.

These 20 Kids Caught In The Act Will Have You Laughing All Day. #9… Seriously?!

These kids mean business. I bet they give their parents a run for their money.

According to arrangement of pics above:

Someone sure is in a hurry.

Cuteness overload.


Funny prank, but I'm guessing not everyone laughed.

Taste like chicken?

Hung out to dry.

He looks pretty tired, maybe you shouldn't wake him.

Taste like bacon?

At least they are too young to write words.

Stay away from his precocious!

I'm gonna love you, and then I'm gonna eat you!


Barbie boot-camp.

Caught with his pants down, literately.


He looks pretty entertained.

The dog looks beyond thrilled.


Who hasn't done this?

Bulls eye!

I think these kids are a good reminder for us all to stay young at heart.

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