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7 Major Causes Of Break-ups Of Today’s Relationships

7 Major Causes Of Break-ups Of Today’s Relationships

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Many people once envisioned that their relationships would lead to something that would last forever. They expected that they would walk down the aisle with someone who was their partner at a point in time. Ever have this expectation too? If you did, feel at ease that many people also had the same kind of expectations. 
Unfortunately, life does not just consist of roses; it has thorns too. And those thorns can be piercing and painful. Likewise, many beautiful relationships have broken up. The partners probably never saw it coming. Their friends may not have ever expected it. But it happened anyway. 

Here is a list of the major causes of break-ups in our world today. They are what I have observed and analyzed from events that happen around. 

1. Cheating: This probably deserves the front position on the list. Most relationships are caused by the infidelity of one of the partners. The infidelity may be sexual or emotional cheating. In emotional cheating, your partner gets so tied up emotionally with the opposite sex till it seems they should be in a relationship with that person and not you. It can manifest through frequent calls, chats, outings, etc. Ultimately, when the partner finds out, trust is torn to shreds. There may be begging, and forgiveness but the trust is gone. Most times, it is only a matter of time before someone calls it quit. 

2. Abuse: What is the point of being in a relationship where you should find happiness, yet you are getting abused every day? Abuse is not restricted to physical aggression; it can also be verbal. And both are equally dangerous. Physical abuse can leave you deformed or even make you lose your life. Verbal abuse on the other hand tears down your confidence, self-esteem, and peace till you become weary of life. By observation, women are mostly subject to physical abuse while men are more prone to verbal abuse. Either way, people are starting to muster the courage to leave abusive relationships for good.

3. Indifference: This is one of the worst causes of break-ups. What happens here is one partner struggles to make things work while the other partner just watches on. The partner is not necessarily asking for a break-up or seeking to build the relationship. You can call it a lack of devotion or commitment to the relationship. No matter how hard you try to make such a relationship work, one day you will get tired. No matter how hard you stretch to keep the relationship, one day you will snap. The reason is that your partner’s indifference will eventually lead you to a state of frustration where you just let go everything.

4. Exploitation: When most relationships start, it begins with love as an emotion. The feeling is indescribable. At this point, you can climb mountains for your partner. Soon, the feelings would die down, and reality would set in. The feeling dies down because it is erratic. This is where you are presented with facts about that person. Once you decide to love that person irrespective of what you notice, you have entered the real phase of love. The sad thing is that: by the time most people get past the initial feelings, they realize that though they loved their partner, that partner was merely taking advantage of them. What they termed making sacrifices for love was actually exploitation. Exploitation could be in the form of sex, money, fame, power, material possessions, etc. And once this is discovered, the relationship crashes.

5. Dead feelings: Many people today dump a relationship when they cease to experience the sweet feelings they felt at the beginning. They think a relationship must always thrill them and stir their excitement. They often forget that relationship may be fun, but it is work. Real work. It may come with its excitement, but it also comes with responsibilities which are necessary to sustain it. Their challenge is that they only want the excitement and not the responsibilities. As soon as they sense the feeling is gone, they quit the relationship too.

6. Ego: This is a rapid destroyer of relationships. When someone insists they are always right and want always to have their way, it is a bad omen. Refusing to apologize or refusing to yield to the opinion of your partner shows that feelings and views do not matter to you. Someone people can bear long and hope that their partner would change. Others have a low tolerance for such egocentric fellows and prefer just to end the relationship.

7. Unsettled issues: As you probably know, no relationship is perfect. The reason is that both partners have flaws and can make mistakes. Truth is: you will get hurt in a relationship. It may be through the words or actions of your partner. But it takes wisdom to settle the score and allow it to heal. Sadly, most relationships today have wounds that are left unattended to. When one partner gets hurt and hides it rather than allow it to heal, the wound festers. It doesn’t go away; it just gets worse with time. One day, such a partner would just decide they’ve had enough already and call it quit. It is better to settle issues quickly rather than ignore them and pretend they don’t exist.


So, there they are! Our past experiences cease to hurt us once we learn from them. Knowing the above can help you spot a red flag in a relationship and know how to handle it when the need arises. 
So, what’s your story? You probably have experienced any of these. You can share your views and experiences in the comment section.

Tboss flaunts cleavage in stunning new photos

The queen of Bossnation and Big brother Naija finalist Tokunbo Idowu aka Tboss is not here to play with anyone.

The Edo born beauty showed off her cleavage in Behind the scene photos for her recent photo shoot.
She wrote:
The 💣#AstonishingBossLady #PresidentOfTheBossNation #TheQueenofThePepperThemGang #SittingPretty #BeautyAintJustAboutAPrettyFace
More photos below...

Unidentified man beheaded in Port-Harcourt (Graphic photo)

Not again! an unidentified man has been beheaded and his body dumped along NTA road in Port Harcourt.

This sad incident comes nine days after a yet to be identified man was beheaded and his body dumped by the road side at Rumuosi junction behind Anglican church in Port Harcourt, Rivers state.
Who could be behind this ungodly act? God help us..

See the huge snake killed inside University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital ward (photo)

This is scary because i HATE snakes! A deadly looking huge snake was killed inside the patients' ward of the University of Ilorin Teaching hospital. The deadly animal invaded the ward and it was killed! Photo of the reptile below...

Nigerian youths behave like tenants in Nigeria – Donald Duke says

While speaking at the Nigeria Symposium for Young and Emerging Leaders in Lagos yesterday, former governor of Cross River, Donald Duke, said Nigerian youths have become so distant from governance that they now behave like tenants in their own country.
“Godfatherism grows out of mentorship. They are there to set you on a path, but do not let them enslave you. 
Right now, Nigerian youths have the numbers to make positive changes in this country, and they should use it. There is a lot of contempt in government now because there are no consequences to wrong actions by the government. The failure in the country is the youths’ inability to aspire for better lives and situations for themselves. They behave like tenants in their own country”he said

Acting President, Yemi Osibanjo signs new laws that allows the use of motor vehicles and other movable assets as collateral for bank loan

Acting President Yemi Osinbajo has signed two new laws that will facilitate access to more affordable credit facilities for businesses in the country. The new Acts are the Secured Transactions in Movable Assets Act, 2017 (otherwise known as Collateral Registry Act) and the Credit Reporting Act, 2017.

In a statement released by Osibanjo's spokesman, Laolu Akande, Osinbajo’s spokesman, he said; 
"The passage of these Acts would facilitate the achievement of the goals of the Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council (PEBEC) set up by President Muhammadu Buhari in July 2016 and chaired by the Vice-President to progressively make Nigeria an easier place for businesses to start and thrive. "
Read the full statement below..
Acting President Yemi Osinbajo has signed into law two bills from the National Assembly that will ultimately facilitate access to more affordable credit for Nigerians.

The bills which have now become ‘Acts’ are the Secured Transactions in Movable Assets Act, 2017 (otherwise known as Collateral Registry Act) and the Credit Reporting Act, 2017.

‘The Collateral Registry Act’ ensures that Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Nigeria can register their movable assets such as motor vehicles, equipment and accounts receivable in the National Collateral Registry, and use same as collateral for accessing loans. This in turn will increase their chances at accessing financing and tackle one of the major obstacles faced by MSMEs.

On the other hand, ‘The Credit Reporting Act’ provides for credit information sharing between Credit Bureaus and lenders (such as banks), as well as other institutions that provide services on credit such as telecommunication companies and retailers.

(A Credit Bureau is defined as a company that collects information relating to the credit ratings of individuals and makes it available to financial institutions, who need such information to determine an individual’s credit-worthiness and whether or not to grant loan applications to such individuals.)

Access to credit is critical to economic growth and is considered to be the motor for driving private sector development. However, in Nigeria more than 70 per cent of private enterprises, typically MSMEs, have limited or no access to credit. Credit applications get rejected due to insufficient credit history and information for the lender to use to make a reasonable judgement, as well as unacceptable collateral. The two new Acts remove those obstacles for MSMEs.

Traditionally, banks only give loans to businesses that can provide fixed land and property as collateral. This shuts out MSMEs which usually own only movable assets like motor vehicles and equipment. The Collateral Registry Bill, 2017, will give confidence to lenders to utilise the Registry and thereby make credit available to MSMEs and individuals through the use of their movable assets as collateral.

The Credit Reporting Act now enables lenders to make reasonable judgement on whether or not to extend credit to an individual, and reduces the cases of bad loans.

On February 21, 2017, the leadership of the National Assembly publicly committed to passing the two bills as part of the 60-Day National Action Plan for Ease of Doing Business initiated by the Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council (PEBEC). That promise was kept by the National Assembly last week with the bills forwarded to the Acting President for assent.

With the passage of these Acts, the existing Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Guidelines regulating the operations of the National Collateral Registry and Credit Bureaux have now been replaced by formal legal frameworks.

The passage of these Acts would facilitate the achievement of the goals of the Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council (PEBEC) set up by President Muhammadu Buhari in July 2016 and chaired by the Vice-President to progressively make Nigeria an easier place for businesses to start and thrive.

Harrysong gifts a fan his N3.5million Rolex watch on stage!

Blessed is the hands that giveth!

Nigerian singer, Harrysong has shown that he is indeed a giver.

The Reggae blues crooner shocked fans at Legend Real Deal Experience when he gave a fan, Chukwudi his N3.5m rolex watch on Sunday, May 28th, 2017.

The ecstatic 32 year old fan in his excitement said, “I’m really happy that Harrysong gave me his wristwatch. I didn’t expect it at all and I am happy this happened. Some people are leaving with TVs, generators and fridges, I’m leaving with a N3.5m Rolex! Imagine!”

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Have you seen this photo of a Nun who is also a lawyer?

Sister Lucy, who is a nun and a lawyer turned a year older today and her family members took to social media to celebrate her. 
See another photo below:

MC Oluomo’s Camp reacts to Hamburger’s Death

MC Oluomo’s Camp reacts to Hamburger’s Death

Alhaji Musiliu Akinsanya who is popularly known as Mc Oluomo  has washed off his hands from the death of Rasaq Bello aka Hamburger, a member of National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) who died hours ago.

MC Oluomo's camp maintained that as at the time of the primaries in the Shogunle area of Lagos during the local council primaries of the All Progressives Congress (APC) that led to the death of Hamburger, MC Oluomo was away in the USA where he has been for some months now.

Read the press release they sent in below: 

Aside being out of town, several times before now, he has sponsored advertorials both in the local newspapers and radio on the need to maintain law and order before and during the electioneering period based on what the national leader Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu discussed with him and some other stakeholders.

“It is rather painful that the death of someone who had no prior problem with MC Oluomo could be linked to him” an associate of Mc Oluomo averred.

To them, it is an unnecessary rumor bent on causing undue rivalry and public disorder among people who had no history of rancor between each other. The general public is hereby advised to discard such damaging rumour because MC OLuomo abhors violence of any form not to talk of taking a life.
Unconfirmed reports have it that Hamburger was hit by a stray bullet from the police who were drafted to restore peace to the area before he died.

“MC Oluomo will definitely support the law in finding out and giving the necessary judgment to whosoever is found wanting in the death of Hamburger” the associate concluded.