Thursday, October 05, 2017

Food seller remanded in prison for stealing goat

The Zone 2 Police Command, Onikan, Lagos have arrested a food seller in  Ogijo, identified as Sunday Ogbonna, at Mosimi-Likosi area of Ogun State.
It was gathered that Sunday was taken to court after he allegedly refused to pay N100,000 bail sum demanded by some operatives of the zone.
It was gathered that Sunday was detained by the command’s Zonal Intervention Squad, Ladegboye Base, Ikorodu, on Sunday, 17 months after he was first arrested for buying a stolen goat by another set of policemen allegedly from the Lagos State Police Command.
It was learnt that an unidentified man had sold the goat to Sunday sometime in March 2016.
The following day, the policemen allegedly from Lagos command reportedly stormed Sunday’s shop and arrested him for buying a stolen goat.
Sunday’s wife, Calister Ogbonna, said her husband explained to the operatives that he was not aware that the goat was stolen.

She added that the policemen later collected almost N200,000 for bail and “to settle the case.”
Calister said, “We run three canteens in Ogijo and we buy goats on a daily basis. I was at the shop with my husband on that day when a man brought a goat to sell. Policemen came the next day and said my husband bought a stolen goat. They seized all the goats they saw outside the shop.
“They asked him to give them money to fuel their vehicle so they could leave him. They demanded N50,000. He begged them, but they beat him up and insisted that he must pay the money. My husband went inside to bring the money and a policeman followed him.
“He wanted to give the policeman N50,000 from a bag containing N130,000, but the policeman snatched the bag from him. I told the policeman that he had taken all the money we had and he eventually gave me N5,000 for the upkeep of my children until my husband would be back.

“He also gave me his phone number. They took him to their station in Ikorodu. I can’t remember the name of the station, but I know the place.
“The following day, I went to the station to secure his bail. They demanded another N60,000. After much pleading, they collected N40,000. We told them that we didn’t want embarrassment again and they promised to let go of the matter. We did not see any complainant and the seized goats were not returned.”
The policeman, who dropped his phone number to the woman, was later identified as Christopher. He was said to be presently serving in the Zonal Intervention Squad.
Calister’s said when she thought the dust had settled on the case, some operatives of the Zonal Intervention Squad invaded their residence in Oremeji Omoleye, Ogijo on October 1, 2017, to re-arrest Sunday.
She said the policemen scaled the gate to gain entry and went away with four goats on the premises.

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