Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Four killed in Lagos as Badoo gang returns

Four killed in Lagos as Badoo gang returns

Tragedy struck yesterday in Ibeshe Ikorodu area of Lagos, as terror gang, Badoo, reportedly killed a family of three, comprising of a father, mother and child, while they slept.
This is coming after Commissioner of Police, Lagos State Police Command, Imohimi Edgal, hinted that the introduction of community policing, especially Onya bo, and the increase in Police visibility had resulted in 35 percent decline in crime within the state.
It was also gathered that another cult group struck in PPL axis of Ojo Local Government Area, killing a yet-to-be-identified man, injuring another.
Vanguard reported that when the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Chike Oti,was contacted, he promised to get back immediately.

Former Footballer George Weah Wins Liberia’s Election

Former Footballer George Weah Wins Liberia’s Election

Former AC Milan player, George Weah has been voted president of Liberia after clinching 12 of the 15 counties in the west African country.
He took to his Twitter page to thank all his supporters, saying that he plans to liberate the country.
The striker-turned politician becomes the 25th president of the country.
He wrote:
Weah is set to replace Africa’s first female head of state, economist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and see the West African nation, founded by freed American slaves, hand over power from one democratically elected government to another.

Buzzing Today: Davido. Wizkid, George Weah

Buzzing Today: Davido. Wizkid, George Weah

#30billion Concert:  Remember how Davido and Wizkid squashed their their beef as Wizzy brought OBO on stage s at #WizkidTheConcert as both of them performed Fia together. Well, fans can’t stop talking about it as they asking that Wizkid makes sure he returns the favour by shutting down Davido’s #30BillionConcert holding today, December , 2017 at Eko Hotels Convention Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos. Well, Wizkid has responded and he says 27th is a shut down.

George Weah
Former AC Milan talisman,George Weah has been elected as Liberia’s 25th President. He is the only African to have won the coveted FIFA Player of the year (christened as the Balon d’Or) back in 1995.

The Total Number Of Dead Chibok Girls Has Been Revealed

The Total Number Of Dead Chibok Girls Has Been Revealed

Snake bite, hunger and malaria have killed thirteen of the 276 Chibok schoolgirls in Boko Haram custody.
The girls were kidnapped from their school in Chibok, Borno State by Boko Haram in 2014.
Of the 276 kidnapped schoolgirls, 163 are now free; while 57 fled in the early days after their abduction, three more escaped later, and a Swiss-coached mediation secured 103.
The Wall Street Journal, WSJ, reports that 13 of the girls have lost their lives during their nearly three years in Boko Haram custody.
WSJ report said, “Of the remaining 113, at least 13 have died, officials say.
“Some were felled by malaria, hunger or a snake bite.
“The majority died in airstrikes. Among those forcibly married to fighters, at least two died in childbirth.”
President Muhammadu Buhari had, after the release of the last batch of the girls numbering 82, promised to ensure the last of the girls returned home to the families.

Lagos Gets 6 Additional Primary Schools

Lagos Gets 6 Additional Primary Schools

Lagos State Government has approved the establishment and listing of six new public primary schools in the state.
The Schools are Community Primary, Ibasa, Ojo LGEÀ, Community Primary School, Ajewanwa, Ojo LGEA, Oladele Aĺaka Primary School, Ejigbo, Oshodi-Isolo LGEA, Iju Ajuwon Primary School, Ifako-Ijaiye ĹGEA, Osho Sholu Primary School, Ewu Oloye, Erunwen, Ikorodu LGEA and Correctional Home for Boys, Oregun, Ikeja LGEA
Commenting on the development, the Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board, Executive Chairman, Dr Ganiyu Oluremi Sopeyin stated that the development was in line with the present government policy on education to make qualitative, quantitative education available to the teeming children population of school age in the state.
He noted that the present administration headed by the Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode has bridged the gap between the public and private primary schools in the state.
Sopeyin added that public primary schools are now better than private primary schools in the State stressing that the standard of public primary schools have improved tremendously taken into consideration the academic performance of public primary schools pupils.
He reiterated that the state government have decided to pay attention to all children, irrespective of where they are coming from, reassuring that desks, chairs and other needs have been approved for procurement.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Palestinian Christian Leaders Denounce Trump's Decision

Palestinian Christian Leaders Denounce Trump's Decision

Palestinian Christian leaders have rejected US President Donald Trump's decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital, calling it "dangerous" and "insulting".

Trump's December 6 announcement has sparked protests across the Muslim world and drawn international condemnation.

The US move is offensive to "Christians and Muslims around the world who consider Jerusalem as an incubator of their most sacred, spiritual and national heritage", Atallah Hanna, the archbishop of Jerusalem's Greek Orthodox church, said in a statement on Saturday.

"We, Palestinians, Christians and Muslims reject the US recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel," he added.

The US gave the occupation what it does not deserve."

'Message of unity'
His comments came as Christian Palestinians on Sunday took part in festivities taking place on the eve of Christmas.

Al Jazeera's Hoda Abdel-Hamid, reporting from Bethlehem, said many Muslims were also attending the annual events in a show of solidarity against Trump's decision.

"This message of unity is one Palestinians are very adamant to convey, especially while there is this political crisis taking the area by storm," she said.

Maher Canavati, a member of Bethlehem's local council, told Al Jazeera the celebrations are intended to deliver "messages of peace, love and understanding".

"We want peace with our neighbours [but] we need to be able to share Jerusalem and to have easy access to Jerusalem as Palestinians [as well]."

Bethlehem, normally brimming with tourists at this time of year, has been almost empty of visitors in recent days due to nearby confrontations between Israeli forces and Palestinian protesters in the wake of the US decision.

"Unfortunately, after the statement of Donald Trump a lot of people were not sure about the security in this area. Many of those who were in the country did not make it to Bethlehem, they stayed in Jerusalem and in the northern part of the country," said Canavati.

"But we are here are celebrating, welcoming everybody - it is very important for us that all of the Christians coming to Bethlehem supporting the Muslim and Christian community here are taken care of."

Life in Gaza a 'prison'
In the Gaza Strip, Palestinian Christians held a vigil to express their support for Jerusalem as Palestine's capital.

Al Jazeera's Malcolm Webb, reporting from the besieged territory, said anger at Trump's decision is shared among Christians and the majority-Muslim populating living in the besieged territory.

Everyone we have spoken to here is in opposition to the US move, and they say it only adds to the frustration of life here," he said.

The Israeli blockade of the occupied Gaza Strip, in its current form, has been in place for more than 10 years. 

Gaza's isolation has devastated its economy, impoverished much of the Strip's two million people, and left them without adequate electricity, water and health services. Since 2007, Israel has launched three wars against the Hamas-governed Strip.

Some 1,000 Christians live in the Gaza Strip, fewer than half the amount 10 years ago.

According to sociologist Samir Quta, many Christian families have fled Gaza in recent years in search of safety and financial security.

"Christian families in Gaza usually have a high socio-economic level, and the more people have options and money, the more they look for a better life," he told Al Jazeera.

"This is not available in Gaza. Even with money in Gaza you cannot have a good life."

Rosette Saygh, a Christian still living in Gaza, told Al Jazeera life in the territory has become like a "prison" for those who have remained behind.

"Life is very difficult in Gaza, we live under siege and we cannot move anywhere … We have witnessed many wars, during the bombing we had to sleep in the church for safety," she said.

6 Things You Should Know About Boxing Day.

6 Things You Should Know About Boxing Day.

Boxing Day is observed every year on December 26. If it falls on a weekend, the public holiday itself will be celebrated on Monday. It became an official holiday during the reign of Queen Victoria, though some historians trace its origins back much further—to medieval times. Today, it's largely an extension of the Christmas holiday and a big day for sporting events and shopping.

Many historians think the holiday’s name is derived from the church practice of opening alms boxes the day after Christmas and distributing money to the poor. Historically, British employers followed the church’s lead by sliding workers and servants gifts or cash on December 26.

Others believe the "box" refers to the boxes of gifts employers gave to their servants on the day after Christmas. (In wealthy households, servants were often required to work on Christmas Day but given December 26th off in order to celebrate the holiday on their own.)

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Festive Finger Foods
Historically, Boxing Day's post-Christmas sales have long made it one of the U.K.'s busiest shopping days of the year. And while it still falls within the top five biggest shopping days of the year, the popularity of online shopping has reduced the overall spending people do on December 26.

“Fifteen years ago it was pretty much guaranteed that you would only get big sales a few times a year—Boxing Day and the big summer clearance," Bryan Roberts, an analyst at Kantar Retail, told The Telegraph in 2015. That is no longer the case.” 

“The Boxing Day sales are pretty much dead,” Roberts added. “Black Friday and Cyber Monday illustrate Christmas sales are starting earlier and earlier. There is a possibility prices will just keep on dropping in the run-up to Christmas. This makes the Boxing Day sales incredibly diluted."

Despite the name, British observances of Boxing Day involve no fisticuffs. For patricians, however, another sport rules the day: fox hunting. Though it's a long-held tradition, many animal rights activists and groups would like to see the practice done away with altogether. Especially since, technically, it's illegal. In the days leading up to Boxing Day, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) was very vocal in reminding citizens that "The chasing or killing of foxes and other British mammals with a pack of dogs was banned because the overwhelming majority of the UK public rejected this so-called 'sport' as cruel and abhorrent."

In other countries, Boxing Day celebrations are more literal. Some former British colonies in Africa and the Caribbean celebrate the holiday with prizefighting events.

Ireland sometimes refers to December 26 as Wren Day, a nod to an old tradition in which poor children would kill a wren, then sell the feathers to neighbors for good luck. In today’s celebrations, the wren is fake.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Drug and food agency's Abuja office on fire

Drug and food agency's Abuja office on fire

Officials of the Fire Service are currently battling to put off the inferno that has gutted the the head office of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control(NAFDAC).

TheCable reports that the NAFDAC office in Abuja is currently on fire.
According to the report, the fire officials broke windows in the bid to gain access to some parts of the building.
NAFDAC warehouse gutted by fire

NAFDAC warehouse gutted by fire

When TheCable visited the scene at about 8am on Friday, smoke was seen billowing from the ground floor.
There is no statement yet on the cause of the inferno that has created a scene in the agency's headquarters.

NAFDAC warehouse guts fire in Lagos

A fire incident on Saturday, March 18,  has destroyed a warehouse in the office premises of theNAFDAC in Oshodi, Lagos State.
The fire started from the power house around 3.15pm, the General Manager of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA), Adesina Tiamiyu, said in a statement.

Source: Pulse Ng

19 Facts That Will Change The Way You Think About Life

19 Facts That Will Change The Way You Think About Life

1. There are some facts about life that are hard to imagine, like the fact that you were once a tiny egg just 0.1mmacross.

BuzzFeed/ Think Stock / Via

2. And in a single ejaculation between 40 million and 1.2 billion sperm cells raced to fertilise that egg.

Nucleus Medical Media / BuzzFeed / Via

3. That fertilised egg eventually became you. And then you became one of over 7 billion people currently on this planet.

Oli Scarff / Getty Images

4. Even though that number sounds enormous, if every single person was placed in a heap in the Grand Canyon it would barely fill it.

Vsauce / Via

5. And that number doesn't compare to the amount of tiny atoms each adult is made up of: Around 7 octillion!

MIT Senseable City Lab / TED / BuzzFeed / Via

6. To put that into perspective, if you compare an atom to the size of an apple, it’s about the same as comparing an apple to the size of the planet.

Reaction / Animation: Easy Explain Video / Via

7. It's difficult to get your head around how enormous our planet is. Earth has a diameter of 7,926 miles. And at the equator it has a circumference of roughly 24,902 miles.

Nasa / TheLackOf / Via

8. Although about 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, researchers estimate that less than 5% of it has been seen by human eyes. The rest of it remains a mystery.

Cristina Arias / Getty Images

9. But our planet is really tiny compared to other stuff in the universe. For example, the sun has a circumference of roughly 2,713,406 miles.

morn1415 / BuzzFeed / Via

10. 109 Earths could be lined up across the diameter of the sun.

Göran Strand / BuzzFeed / Via

11. Earth looks even tinier compared to the blue Hypergiant 'Pistol Star', which is one of the most luminous stars known.

morn1415 / BuzzFeed / Via

12. And even tinier compared to VY Canis Majoris, the largest known star in the milky way galaxy.

morn1415 / BuzzFeed / Via

13. The diameter of the observable universe is estimated to be 93 billion light years. But the size of the entire universe is thought to be so gigantic that scientists are unable to put a number on it.

This is an infrared image of the entire observable universe.
NASA / Via
This is an infrared image of the entire observable universe.

14. There's no evidence to suggest that the universe has an edge. Even if it does, we'll probably never reach it.

WondersOfTheStars / Discovery Communications / BuzzFeed / Via

15. But there are still so many unanswered questions about life and humanity on Earth. For example, researchers still don't know exactly why humans dream.

Some theories suggest that dreams evolved for psychological reasons. Others propose dreams to be unnecessary biological by-products. And some view dreams as mechanisms essential for emotional wellbeing.
jalla2000 / Reddit / Via
Some theories suggest that dreams evolved for psychological reasons. Others propose dreams to be unnecessary biological by-products. And some view dreams as mechanisms essential for emotional wellbeing.

16. No one knows exactly why humans produce tears of laughter, joy, and sorrow. There are many different types of tears, but emotional tearing is thought to be unique to humans.

Although other animals shed tears, there has only been anecdotal evidence for emotional tearing in species other than human beings. Scientifically, since animals can't speak, it's difficult to tell whether an animal is crying emotionally, or simply producing tears for the purpose of lubrication, or due to irritation.
Somnexer / Warner Bros. Television / Via
Although other animals shed tears, there has only been anecdotal evidence for emotional tearing in species other than human beings. Scientifically, since animals can't speak, it's difficult to tell whether an animal is crying emotionally, or simply producing tears for the purpose of lubrication, or due to irritation.

17. And even though time is such a significant part of life, no one can explain when it began or whether it will end. Some believe time is an illusion constructed by humans, and others believe that time existed long before humans recorded it.

EuropaCorp / Universal Pictures / Via

18. Our planet has been around for a very long time. Scientists have estimated the age of the earth to be 4.55 billion years old.

Nasa / Getty Images

19. And the global human life expectancy of 70 years represents only 0.00001556% of that, so let’s make the most of the short time we have!