Monday, June 11, 2018

Does God Tell Us Who to Marry?

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Many people have been decieved into terrible marriages or prevented from marrying a good spouse in the name of "My Pastor said" or "GOD said".

I believe there is so much hypocrisy surrounding this matter. Lets face come people don't seek GOD's face or ask a pastor for confirmation if the prospective spouse is an extreme opposite of what they desire..?

How many educated ladies will bother to ask GOD or pastor to confirm if a known armed robber is the one should such woos for marriage?
How many Guys will go to GOD to confirm for them if a popular LovePeddler is the one? But often times we tend to fool ourselves going to a pastor or going to bother GOD to tell us if a seemingly desirous prospective partner comes our way and i tend to wonder.

In the entire scriptures, there were only two instances where GOD expressly gave a clear direction concerning choosing a spouse and in those two instances, it was a very difficult choice and that was when God commanded the prophet Hosea, "Go, take to yourself a wife of whoredom and have children of whoredom.Hosea 1:2. And the second instance was when GOD sked Joseph to marry Mary who was already pregnant.

GOD respects our freedom of choice and for the Christians, we are encouraged to be yoked with fellow Believers and as far as GOD is concerned, A man has the sole responsibility to find a wife and once he finds one and marries her, he obtains favour from GOD. Proverbs 18:22.

The summary of this piece is that we should stop deceiving ourselves by saying 'Prophet said, My pastor said, Alfa said...' because in the real sense, it is our mind telling us what we want to hear. You can rely on your intuition or peculiar signs that gives you confirmation but we should stop hiding behind those words 'GOD SAID'

As a man,it is your paramount duty to search so pray to GOD for guidance and as a lady, pray to GOD that the type of man you desire finds you.

Just as we can see from the scriptures,if GOD ever tells you to marry a certain person then it is most certain that the choice of spouse will be very difficult for you to accept and this is the way you will know that indeed, it is GOD's choice for you

I hope this makes sense.

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